Blue Mountains Tours

Visit one of Australia's most iconic wilderness areas.

The Blue Mountains are annually one of the most popular draw cards for tourists wanting to visit not only Sydney but New South Wales in general. A region of rugged and stunning natural beauty covered in a typical blue haze from which they derive their name, a tour to the Blue Mountains is a must-do for any visitor to Sydney and its surrounds who has even a passing interest in nature, hiking, or seeing spectacular geography.

With a great blend of natural spectacles that ranges from authentic Aussie bushland and wildlife to geological wonders such as the giant rock formations of the Three Sisters, it’s easy to see why people visit the Blue Mountains in droves, especially seeing that a Blue Mountains tour makes it easily reachable from Sydney city within the course of a single day. There are a range of opportunities in the Blue Mountains for those who like to get out and about and take part in physical activity – the Blue Mountains are home to some of the most popular hiking tracks in New South Whales.

During your visit to the Blue Mountains you’ll also likely have the chance to visit various wildlife parks where you’ll encounter some of Australia’s most famous animal icons such as koalas, kangaroos and more, all within reach of some scenic lookouts that will provide you with amazing views out into the mountains and beyond. In short, if you’re looking for a getaway within easy reach of the city of Sydney that will provide you with an excellent balance of spectacular scenery, cute and cuddly wildlife, native plants and fresh mountain air, then a day tour to the Blue Mountains from Sydney is an excellent choice for some of the best nature that Australia has to offer!

Bus Tours

If you’re planning to visit the Blue Mountains from abroad, are staying in Sydney and have no access to a car, then a coach tour to and through the Blue Mountains is your best option. With both small and large tour options available you will travel in comfort out of Sydney and towards the beautiful blue region.

Independant Tours

Once in the Blue Mountains there are various ways to travel around the region and see all of the highlights including the Three Sisters and Scenic World. If you enjoy the freedom of being able to spend as much or as little time as you please, then doing it yourself is one of the best options for you.

Combination Tours

Make the most out of your visit to the Blue Mountains by combining some of the region’s top attractions into the same day with the various package deals on offer. Combination tours include entry to various different attractions and activities, ensuring your time in the Blue Mountains is well spent.

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