Jenolan Caves Tours

Explore one of the world's most stunning cave networks.

One of the most extensive and visually stunning underground cave networks in the world, Jenolan Caves can be reached in just under three hours drive from Sydney and is more than worth the trip either via car or day tour. This spectacular, naturally-formed system of caves and caverns has taken its present shape over the course of millions of years worth of development, with each cave in the network having its own distinct character. Numbering 11 in total, the main caves on display that can be visited by those wanting to take in their beauty contain various sights such as underground rivers, amazing rock formations of stalactites and stalagmites, and towering ceilings that stretch multiple metres into the air above.

Jenolan Caves tours make for an enchanting experience at magical destination which is ideal for spending either a single day or multiple days depending on your amount of free time; and the caves make for a great escape particularly during the summer months as the cooler, forested mountain environment that they are located in provides welcome relief for those who aren’t big fans of hot weather.

Many of the available Jenolan Caves tours include admission to the caves themselves (there is a fee for entry to the show caves) along with transportation that will get you from your Sydney accommodation to the caves themselves while driving through some wonderful Aussie bushland/mountainside scenery along the way. Tours do vary in which parts of Jenolan Caves they emphasise, with some offering simple guided tours and walks and others stepping it up a notch with “adventure caving” experiences that will take you on more challenging paths through tight, winding, ancient passageways – so it’s up to you to choose which kind you’d prefer to take part in.

Scenic Tours

Explore the beautiful and intricate Jenolan Caves system with this handful of informative and exploration tours through various different caves. If you’re interested in exploring the beautiful formations, these are the best tours for you. Taking you to some of the most popular caves including the Lucas and Chifley Caves.

Combination Tours

Make the most of your visit to the Jenolan Caves by combining your trip with some of the region’s other highlights including the Blue Mountains themselves. This full day experience will show you all there is to see and do in the region with the main focus still on the beautiful Jenolan Caves.

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