Jenolan Caves Orient Cave Tour

Tour one of the biggest and most famous caves at Jenolan.
Jenolan Caves Orient Cave Tour

A Jenolan Caves tour is a must do experience for any visitor who wants a nature experience, and the Orient Cave is the undisputed “king” of the Jenolan network.

The spectacular network comprised of 11 amazing underground show caves that are collectively known as Jenolan Caves is among the finest and most ancient in the world and is easily the most outstanding that can be found within Australia. Pure underground rivers, incredible limestone formations and much more are on display, with each individual cave having its own distinct character. Visit this ‘hidden gem’ for fascinating cave tours and other activities, designed to suit every age and fitness level.

On this tour, you’ll be taken through the popular and large Orient Cave on an informative and entertaining tour that includes the following highlights:

  • 1.5 hour guided tour of the Orient cave, considered one of the most beautiful caves in the world.
  • Utilises an environmentally-friendly lighting system enabling you to see the features like never before.
  • Requires an average fitness level to complete the route.
  • NOTE: This tour is for admission to the cave and a guided walk within the Orient cave ONLY; if you’re looking for a complete tour from Sydney, click here.

Jenolan Caves is a magical place to spend a weekend or several days as a romantic escape or as a fun place for families and work colleagues to develop friendships. Experience warm country hospitality at the heritage-listed Jenolan Caves House, right in the heart of the caves precinct. Jenolan Caves is located 2½ hours from Sydney and 3 hours from Canberra. Get your Jenolan Cave Day Tour today!

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