Sydney City Tours

Explore the best of Sydney up close.

A city with some of the most recognisable and beautiful architectural landmarks in the world as well as one of its most magnificent harbours, a day tour of Sydney city will let you see all its best features – including the Sydney Opera House,Sydney Harbour Bridge, famous beaches such as Bondi and Manly, and more – in the most efficient and relaxing way possible. A tour is certainly one of the best ways to truly get a sense of the “feeling” and buzz of a city the size of Sydney, and with so many areas that make for great points of interest, the “choice is your oyster” depending on your own personal taste and preferences.

If you’re into architecture, a Sydney Harbour tour will be one of the best places you can visit; if you’re looking to soak in some sunshine then the many famous beaches and their surrounding seaside mansions are a great destination; or if you’d simply rather form your own itinerary without adhering to a set schedule, then there are various hop-on hop-off tour options that can let you explore the best of the city and perhaps dabble in some shopping at your own leisure.

A Sydney tour of varying kinds will let you witness the city from a variety of different perspectives that you may not otherwise gain access to during a regular visit – including places that are highly regarded by the locals that may not show up in any token guidebook or tourist guide!

Regardless of whether it’s by bus, by bike or by foot, you’re guaranteed to witness something interesting and exciting during your time in what is frequently listed as one of the most liveable cities in not only Australia, but the whole world – Sydney.

Walking Tours

Most of the major attractions and sights in Sydney are all within walking distance of each other, making your trip a time efficient and active one. Make sure you pack your walking shoes as you accustom yourself with this bustling city – you’ll be like a local in no time.

Beach Tours

Feel the sand between your toes at some of Sydney’s most popular and most famous beaches. With these beach-focused tours you’ll be in for an enjoyable day in the sun and sand so be sure to pack your sun safety gear, swimmers and sense of adventure.

Unique Tours

Break away from the average tours of capital cities with one of these unique and at times unusual tours for a different perspective of one of Australia’s most popular cities. These tours step away from normal guided tours making your visit fun and adventurous.

Sydney Harbour Cruises

Sydney’s waters are frequented by boats, ships and ferries carrying people past the city’s iconic landmarks. Jump aboard one of the various tour companies in the region to see this famous city from a new and one of the most popular perspectives – on the water.

Bus Tours

See all of the highlights in the Sydney region aboard a comfortable coach tour through the city and its outer suburbs. You’ll visit some of the world-famous locations as well as some of the lesser known, but equally beautiful sights on almost the other side of town.

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